Procedures for e-Passport Application

Bangladesh High Commission



Procedures for e-Passport Application

1. Documents Required: 

a) Summary page of the online filled-in application

b) Online Birth Registration Certificate (BRC) in English format or National Identity Card (NID)

c) Current original passport

d) Work Permit / Visa / Other document issued by Singapore Government

e) If visually impaired, a doctor’s certificate

f) If newborn, a 3R size photo, BRC of parents as mentioned in (b), passport, marriage certificate, and Nikanama

2. What to do:

a) Go to and click on “apply online”. Accordingly follow the next instructions.

b) Pay fees by NETS at the passport counter at Bangladesh High Commission, Singapore. (For fees see the website ( Click Here Fees à Passport and Travel Permit à MRP Passport / e-Passport Renewal & New      Passport Application Fee)

3. General instructions:

a) For bio-metric enrolment, avoid white colour dress (top).

b) Print the summary page after completion of online application.

c) Fee payment and enrolment time: From 9:00 am to 12:30 pm on weekdays only.

d) Apply in accordance with the NID or BRC; whatsoever is more accurate with passport.

e) Change of any information from your current passport may delay passport processing time and it may also complicate your IPA/Visa/Other card’s renewal.

f) If you do not have English format online BRC, you are advised to collect it from your respective BRC Registration Office (Union Parishad, Municipality, etc.). To avoid any complication during your period in Singapore, register your BRC as    per your current passport.

g) After your enrolment is completed, check the Collection Slip if the information is correct. If okay, leave the Enrolment Counter.

h) Passport collection time: From 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm on weekdays only. Applicant himself/herself has to come to collect the e-Passport.

i) To know the application update, visit à Check Status and follow the instructions accordingly.

j) When your passport is ready to collect, an auto notification will be sent to your e-mail.

k) Any information mismatch between passport and application may delay passport processing time. Double check your application.