General Information

Consular Wing of the High Commission is rendering services to approx 160,000 Bangladeshi citizens in addition to huge number of foreigners. The Consular Wing provides various kinds of consular services. Detailed information of the following services provided by the Consular Wing can be found in the website:

1. Passport

a. Machine Readable Passports (MRP) (

b. Passport for New-born Babies

c. Travel Permit/ Documents (TP)

I. Travel Permit Application Procedure

II. Travel Permit Application Form

d. Lost Passport

2. Visa

a. Machine Readable Visa (MRV) (

I. Visa Application Procedure

II. Required Documents for Different Categories of Visa


b. No Visa Required (NVR) and TF Visa (Bangladeshi Origin Foreigners)

c. Visa on Arrival

d. List of Bangladesh Travel Agencies

3. Birth Registration (

4. Renunciation of Citizenship

a. Application procedure

b. Form for Applicants Endorsed with Parents Passport

c. Form for Indian Citizenship

d. Form for Singapore Citizenship

5. Notarial and Authentication Services

a. Power of Attorney

b. Attestation of Certificates and Documents

c. Issuance of Miscellaneous Certificates

I. Marriage Certificate

II. Driving License Certificate

III. Alive Certificate

IV. Arms Purchase Certificate 

d. Certificate for Prospective Babies

I. Application Form

II. Required Documents

6. Office Time for Consular Services

7. Fees and Mode of Payment

I. Passport and Miscellaneous Fees

II. Visa Fees